How to Review your startup programs. -
Review your startup programs.
Ensure your PC runs as fast as possible by eliminating background and startup applications!

Open the "System Configuration Utility" by going to...

  • Start > Run > msconfig
  • Press Ok

Click the "Startup" tab to display software that will boot up with your pc.

Ensure you have a clean and efficient startup by making sure hardly any applications are checked. It is always best to open your applications by hand.

Leave your Anti-Virus, FireWall and Video Drivers checked if known. (See Command Path)

  • Antivirus Software
    AVG = avgtray

  • Firewall Software
    Comodo = cfp

  • Video Drivers
    Nvidia - NvCpl
    Nvidia - nwiz

Once applied, press OK, bookmark this website and reboot!

When your PC boots up a message box will appear saying your system configuration has changed... Simply press Ok.